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Sigh. I can’t believe I have to make this kind of post. But if I don’t, I think I’ll rage even more. So today while strolling in a local store some Caucasian girls and guys came up to me. They asked me where I was from and blah blah. Typical question for an Asian American basically. (note: I’m practically the only Asian American in my town) I took no aggressive actions or anything because at this point in my life, I’m more than use to this kind of treatment. There was just one comment that irked me. One of the male randomly stated:

"Man, all Asian look the same. I can’t tell them apart."

And laughed. Thank you for your ignorance. Your comment on the subject matters a great deal to me (sarcasm). Seriously? I hate race stereotypes because I’ve been teased by them for a long while. That’s not the point though. The point is this is a form of bullying. A rather sever one. Up until early last year I never felt comfortable in my own skin and face. Anywhere I went I lived in constant fear of being judge because of my race. I felt cornered by society. That part of my life was the toughest I’ve faced yet. I say this to get to the point that if I hadn’t meet people who had cheered me up and such I would’ve probably took the comment the guy said personally.

I can only imagine how it is for others people suffering from this. It really tears my heart that America is suppose to be the land of the diverse and yet this is how we treat one another. I can’t ask for a perfect world or etc but at least keep it to yourself. I’m just afraid that one day someone will make the wrong comment at the wrong time and that someone will lose it.

At the end of this story I just want to make a statement. Please don’t say unneeded things. When you hurt someone you are hurting someone’s daughter/son/parents/beloved/friend/etc. You wouldn’t want that to happened to anyone you care for right? As cliche as it sounds “Treat others the way you want to be treated.” & “if you don’t have anything nice to say stfu.”


Ellen Page Joins HRCF’s Time to Thrive Conference


I love this speech, because doesn’t speak just about sexuality, but it could be about every single person in this world that struggle with be themselves. I love you Ellen, I loved you before, and I still love you, not more neither less, because even before your coming out you were a kind of role model, one of the women in this industry and world who always makes me feel okay with being who we are, and make the things that we love, without compromises. As gay, demisexual, woman I say to you: thank you for be who you are.

If everyone could just for a moment think like this, maybe the suffering of others might decrease just a little. I live by one of the quotes, “Everyone has a story to tell. Before you judge others make sure you know the story behind the appearance,” Although I am heterosexual, I support the LGBT very much. I’m against bullying and any kind of abuse. I don’t like to think of anyone as different in a bad way because by the end of the day, we’re all just human beings in the same species. This speech needs to be heard in every school, every family, and everywhere. Humans are Humans no matter how you look at it. 

HR’s POV #1: Tennis


HR’s POV is just a jumble of personal posts either about me or my thoughts. Nothing really super duper amazing but if you’ll still read that would be great.

So aside from me being a total nerd, I play Tennis fondly. It’s one of my favorite sports and it’s also a life long hobby of mine. What i mean by this is, I plan to keep playing as long as a an but just for fun. I don’t do well in competitive because I’m a rather shy person. I know it’s not good and I can’t grow by doing this but I’m not planning on becoming Pro or anything. The sport lets me relax. I’m always thinking and never give myself much breaks (because that’s how i was raise) but playing tennis (plus star gazing) gets me off of the world’s complication. When I’m playing I don’t have to worry about anything but myself and the player who’s either playing with me or agaist me. (mostly I play singles)

I’m not that good actually. The only reason I had gotten myself in the singles 1 slot was because we were lacking in girls. During girl practice (boys and girls practice seperately) I usually ended up helping the other players. I was happy to help but I felt like I needed something else. That eventually got me bored of tennis but you know how you see an awesome player and you just want to beat them? That’s what happened to me. Obviously I haven’t pass her yet but I’m hoping I will. That’s what’s driving me this year to play tennis and all my next years. I know there will always be someone out there that I can never beat but trying to is fun.

I don’t take lessons; never have. One reason is that I don’t have the money yet (I will not ask my parents because this was something I decided to do. Soooo it’s not right to ask for money from my parents.) Seacond is because I want to get better on my own. I will feel more accomplish this way. Maybe I’m just being stubborn.

My fondness of tennis actually started due to a video game——a game boy advance game to be exact. No I’m not that old but old enough to remember those awesome little devices. Oh how I loved those games *__* Anyways it was called Mario Tennis Tour. It was actually and RPG game and did have an actual story behind them instead of the games now where you just battle it out with boring character with no point. Since the game was so fun, I promised myself (at around 2 to 1st year of middle school….5th grade) that I would join my town’s tennis team whenever I got the chance. And I did. I stayed for two years (it was only offered 2 those 2 years so..) and I still am now.

I hope I never grow out of loving Tennis. It’s so fun and enriching. I definietly think it’s the best sport. Seacond would be soccer ;D

Relatives are only Bloodlines? (Personal)

So I’m going to be talking about a rather personal matter to me. I advise those who will be bored to death about my personal thoughts not read on. You have been warned.

I am the type of person who is rather distant towards my family. I usually never speak unless spoken to. I do not socialize with anyone that doesn’t interests me (not like that more like funny and the such). As a result, I’m anti-social towards everyone except a few. What I’m basically going down to is are grandmothers, moms, dads, etc. just bloodlines? I mean you could have been raised by a complete stranger and later on meet your blood relatives. Wouldn’t the stranger be more worthy of a family tag then the ones that just share blood with you? Maybe it’s my ignorance but I don’t consider anyone (aside from my mother and farther) as family to me. They just share the same blood (or rather 25-50%? of my blood). Doesn’t really play any importance right? That’s why whenever we have family come overseas (I’m Vietnamese) I just see them as strangers that stay over. I can’t say I love them or feel close to them in the slight. I can’t even call them “uncle, grandmother, auntie. etc”. I just can’t. I don’t want to do things half hearted.

Does anyone else feel this way or am I just the weirdo here? Give me your replies if you want to. I’m happy to read them.